Philip Klein: "I've had it with people -- on both sides -- politicizing the Holocaust Museum shooting."

Posted: Jun 11, 2009 12:48 PM
It's really sickening to see how liberals can hear that a security guard got shot to death in a an attack on an insititution dedicated to memorializing the systematic murder of millions of innocent people, and instantly think of how they can exploit the event to score cheap political points. But I don't think conservatives are innocent here either, and I don't think the way to respond to the absurd claims on the left is to try to turn the tables in an attempt to tie liberals to this atrocious act of violence. At some point, we have to say, enough is enough. This has got to stop. I disagree with liberals ideologically, and I'm passionate enough about my own beliefs that I made a career out of defending them. But however passionately I may disagree with liberals, I do not think -- other than the fringiest of the fringe -- that they want to see a U.S. soldier killed at a recruiting station. Why can't we acknowledge that there are some absolute lunatics in this world who will commit violence for all sorts of reasons, and that they have nothing in common with people -- left or right -- who are merely vocal about political views.
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