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Illegal Aliens Jump in Front of Cars to Blackmail New York Drivers

Illegal aliens love to play games. One of their favorites is finding ways to make money with minimal effort. This game has recently regained popularity among illegal aliens in Brooklyn, New York, as they found that jumping in front of moving vehicles can make their money if they are lucky enough to get hit. 


In January, The New York Post reported on this scheme, claiming Bergen Beach, a residential area in Brooklyn, New York City, residents, and cops were concerned about illegal aliens jumping in front of vehicles on the road. 

“They’re scaring people saying, ‘You just hit me, and I’m going to report it if you don't give me the money,’” retired NYPD cop from Bergen Beach, John B., said to The Post.

An independent photographer tweeted that on January 7, people from different areas of Brooklyn, New York, were experiencing the same problem. The tweet also attached a message from Salvatore Calise, former president of Bergen Beach Civic Association, warning residents about the issue and explaining how he was also a victim. 

Since the New York Post reported on the scheme, the residents of Rockaway, New York, have said illegal aliens have “ramped up” their game, according to The Post.

On May 6, Christina, a 37-year-old resident of Rockaway Beach, was driving to work in Bensonhurst when an illegal alien “launched himself” in front of her car, according to The Post. She was in the right lane on Flatbush Avenue South but quickly swerved to the left to avoid hitting the man. Video footage of the incident was recorded from a dash camera and shared with The Post.


“All of a sudden, I see a man in front of my car with eyes wide open, screaming, staring at me in the eye…He was trying to get me to run him over,” Christina said.  

Christina “suspects” the man lived at an emergency illegal alien “shelter” at nearby Floyd Bennett Field, New York. The emergency illegal alien “shelter” is a tent complex on a remote former airport, housing illegal aliens seeking asylum. The city’s health department operates the center and “insists newcomers are fed, receive medical care, and get help from social workers to apply for asylum, seek training and employment and send their children to school,” according to France 24.

Other residents from Rockaway Beach responded to Christina’s incident on Facebook, voicing similar experiences. 

“Someone did this to me outside 7/11 on Flatbush about three weeks ago,” one resident wrote. 

On May 6, another woman posted, “A man jumped in front of my daughter's car this morning,” on Flatbush Avenue, according to The Post. 

"She was able to break in time and didn't hit him."

On June 8, in response to The Post’s video footage of Christina’s incident, a woman tweeted that the same thing “just happened” to her and her husband. 


Ironically, Luis Moreno, an illegal alien from Ecuador living at Floyd Bennett Field, said the U.S. was a “safe country” that had “no crime” like the third-world country he came from, according to France 24. Unfortunately for Moreno, illegal aliens with no respect for American values are flooding into the U.S., wreaking havoc–jumping in front of moving cars–and increasing crime and violence in the country. 

Their game is especially dangerous because money is not the only thing at risk for Americans. 

“If I was distracted for one split second, or looking down, or if someone was in the left lane, my life would be over . . . It’s just sickening," Christina said.

Illegal aliens throwing themselves in front of vehicles are desperate to make money and are looking for ways to scam Americans into giving it to them, no matter the consequences.

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