Video: SNL's Hilarious Mockery of the Democratic Debates

Posted: Sep 30, 2019 1:45 PM

A few things to watch for in this entertaining sketch from this weekend's season premiere: (1) New cast member Chloe Fineman's flawless impression of trippy dippy Marianne Williamson, (2) some good lines from Woody Harrelson as Joe Biden (the plastic straw one made me laugh), and (3) SNL alum Maya Rudolph stealing the show as a glib, smug, constantly pandering Kamala Harris.  "That Corn Pop from your story...was me:"

If Rudolph really wants to nail the character for next time (the marijuana line was perfect, incidentally), she needs to practice making lame jokes then laughing awkwardly at them for uncomfortably long periods of time.  There were no real digs at Warren, who is played by one of the show's most popular stars, and who is the darling of the sorts of progressives who work at places like Saturday Night Live.  We'll see how and if they decide to ridicule her at some point; I mean, how is this not the stuff of comedy gold?  By the way, SNL lumped Harris in with the group of candidates who actually have a shot at winning the nomination, but does that reflect reality?  She's been tanking over the last month-plus of polling -- nationally, in key early states, and even in her home state.  I'll leave you with Harris going the "leave Joe Biden alone" route, trying to call any questions about the Bidens' ethics a very distracty distraction from the One True Scandal involving President Trump:

Maybe she's trying to make nice after launching her famous and somewhat ironic attack on Biden, for which she's mocked in the SNL skit above.  Finally, how does this stupid, demagogic garbage align with Harris' supposedly dogged opposition to distractions from Ukraine?

Her hacktastic desperation is palpable, and her collapse has been satisfying to watch.  And for what it's worth, Warren did the same thing: