FLASHBACK: That Time Beto Said He Wouldn't Run in 2020 Because His Family 'Could Not Survive' It

Posted: Mar 15, 2019 10:25 AM

We'll go to the video tape in a moment, but first, my overall thoughts on Beto's just-announced candidacy: His close-shave loss in deep red Texas demonstrates that he's formidable, both as a retail politician and as a fundraiser.  Democrats seem to enjoy "falling in love" with politicians, and Beto will make a strong play for many liberals' hearts.  His semi-orgasmic coverage proves that he's an early favorite to win the "media primary," a key advantage among an important constituency within the Democratic Party's core base.  He's much more progressive than he may seem at first blush, masking his ideology with aspirational, unity-themed rhetoric, which may sound familiar.  On the other hand, his "cool" persona is marred by comical try-hardism, his background as a privileged white male may hurt him among identity-obsessed partisans (many people are likely willing to overlook his DWI arrest and attempt to flee the scene), and it's not as if he's amassed a stellar list of legislative accomplishments:

This observation is also undoubtedly true:

And this snarky point made me laugh out loud:

But for all the goofing on his announcement video, and shots at his cringeworthy "authenticity," this clip from just a few months ago may actually rub some voters the wrong way -- especially since he's running as a likable empty vessel.  Plenty of politicians insist they won't run for a certain office up until the moment that they do, but the recency of this statement, and the specific reason Beto offers, makes his about-face feel especially disingenuous and selfish.  He said this in November:

"I don't want to [run for president].  I will not do it. [My family and I] have spent the better part of the last two years not with each other -- missing birthdays and anniversaries, and time together.  Our family could not survive more of that."  

His family shall now endure...more of that. How might that go over?

Another related Beto quote is also drawing quite a lot of side-eye from left-leaning women on Twitter:

I'll leave you with one more little nugget about other 2020 Democrats still testing the waters.