Clinical: Pence Dismantles Vulnerable Senate Dem's Anti-Trump Voting Record

Posted: Mar 28, 2018 6:49 PM

If you feel like you've heard this sort of refrain from the Vice President before, it's probably because you have.  This is precisely the line of attack Pence unleashed in West Virginia against Joe Manchin, who promptly threw a tantrum and tried to goad his fellow Senators into a pact under which they couldn't campaign against him.  During an appearance in North Dakota this week, Pence ran down a list of policies that incumbent Democrat Heidi Heitkamp has voted against, emphasizing her (untruthful) opposition to tax reform, which is benefitting her state.  On issue after issue involving the agenda of a president who carried 63 percent of the statewide vote and maintains a 60 percent approval rating among her constituents, "Heidi voted no."  Coming soon to on-air ads:

But "it's not just the tax cuts," he continued:

Notice that he closed by mentioning Heitkamp's decision to join her party's abortion radicals to kill a common-sense pro-life reform that would have barred most elective abortions in the sixth month of pregnancy and beyond.  This is a widely popular idea among the general population, and even more so in a heavily pro-life state like North Dakota.  After casting her vote to prevent America from modernizing its abortion-related human rights laws to catch up with almost every other nation on the planet, Heitkamp high-fived Chuck Schumer.  That moment of extreme solidarity certainly brought great joy to the powerful abortion lobby, but it utterly betrays her state's values.  Meanwhile, Heitkamp's fellow endangered red state Democrat, Claire McCaskill, has a new headache to deal with -- and this one wasn't even caused by her friend Hillary Clinton.  She sent out a tweet this week begging liberals for donations.  Why?  Because President Trump was in her state, raising funds for her Republican opponent.  Help me, fellow resisters:

It didn't take the GOP long to juxtapose McCaskill's tweet with this little morsel of information:

Former President Barack Obama will appear at a Beverly Hills fundraiser for Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-Mo.) in May, according to an invitation obtained by POLITICO — a sign Obama is edging into the midterm elections. Obama is listed as a special guest at the May 6 fundraiser hosted by film studio executive Jeffrey Katzenberg, filmmaker Steven Spielberg and others Los Angeles-area heavyweights, including director J.J. Abrams...

She's carping about Trump coming to her own state as she's planning her own glitzy fundraiser in...Beverly Hills, hosted by Hollywood power brokers and featuring Barack Obama.  That's the same Barack Obama who went from very narrowly losing McCaskill's state in 2008 to getting hammered by nearly double-digits four years later.  Show Me State voters went even redder in 2016, choosing Trump over McCaskill-backed Clinton ("Madame President!") by 18 points.  I'll leave you with the latest anti-Claire dig from conservative group Missouri Rising:

By the way, is the Mueller probe looking into Collusion Claire's distortions about her dealings with the Russians?  What is she hiding?  (Am I doing this right, Russia obsessives?)