SNL Mocks Coastal Liberals: 'The Bubble'

Posted: Nov 22, 2016 10:35 AM

A leftover from the weekend, but still well worth the watch. After taking some heat for their deliberately unfunny lamentation of a post-election cold open, Saturday Night Live directed some surprisingly sharp comedic barbs at the sanctimonious, smug, faux "open-minded" Left in their most recent episode. The atmospherics in this fake advertisement for an insulated community of liberal bien pensants in denial over the election results were pretty spot on -- from the safety pin flare, to the underlying racial tension, to the rampant hypocrisy, to the price tag on the real estate. As far as send-ups of the Left by the Left go, this is pretty good:

"The Bubble is a planned community of like-minded free-thinkers...and no one else!"

I laughed out loud and the line about cops and firefighters, too.  The subtext of the whole sketch was that many urban liberals already live in a bubble, and have very little self-awareness about it.  The existing bubble is so thick, in fact, that a group of supremely privileged New Yorkers just recently flirted with fulfilling this satirical piece from The Onion about reconnecting with middle America through 'Hamilton' the musical.  All that was missing was Lena Dunham.  I'll leave you with these reports, via Allahpundit, about President-elect Trump supposedly dressing down a group of news executives and anchors in a meeting at Trump Tower.  The tone and substance of the gathering is under significant dispute, but politically speaking, Trump has gotten a lot of mileage out of antagonizing the press.  He's on fairly steady public opinion ground, too.  Americans overwhelmingly believed that the mainstream media was in the tank for Hillary, and by a 12-point margin, voters say the media was too tough on Trump during the 2016 campaign, as opposed to too easy:

Every. single. person. inside The Bubble falls within that 27 percent minority, including a substantial majority of journalists, I'd wager.  See all the hand-wringing about "normalizing" him, for instance.  The truth, by the way, was that the press was collectively and intentionally far too easy on Trump during the primary cycle (like Hillary, they wanted him to win the nomination), then predictably turned on him with the fire of a thousand suns in order to destroy him in the general.  But voters were unfazed, having seen that cynical maneuver before; plus, he fought back.  No wonder that in the eyes of millions of Americans, journalism is on life support.