Help the DSCC Pick Its 2012 Slogan

Posted: Mar 15, 2011 3:04 PM
The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee has whittled down its list of potential 2012 slogans to two options and is inviting the public to vote on the matter.  Feel the excitement:

More than 25,000 grassroots Democrats have already cast their votes, and two slogans were clearly in the lead. Now, it’s your turn to choose the winner. Which slogan do you want to see on our new car magnet?

Vote today for your favorite slogan of the final two remaining. The winning choice will go on the new DSCC car magnet.

Option 1 - GOP: Not My Cup of Tea.

Option 2 - No Tea For Me, Thanks.  I Prefer Progress.

OMG, LOL. Get it?  The DSCC is suggesting that that Republicans are indistinguishable from the Tea Party  -- and since Democrats don't like the Tea Party, they're declining to drink the symbolic "tea" of Republican policies.  Such wit!  (I voted for the latter choice because "I prefer progress" was too precious to pass up).

Regardless of which bumper magnet motto prevails, it's destined to be a hot seller.  Perhaps the DSCC will funnel those dollars to worthy projects such as fueling more spurious whisper campaigns about popular Republican incumbents' childhood sexual abuse.  They prefer progress, you see.