Good News: President Obama Tapes ESPN Special on NCAA Picks

Posted: Mar 15, 2011 11:32 AM
I concluded my post on Obama's budget abdication yesterday with the following question for the gallery: 

"Will the president's jam-packed leadership calendar prevent him from squeezing in another official unveiling of his NCAA tournament brackets?"

As ABC's Jake Tapper reports, it most certainly will not.  Priorities:

@jaketapper: POTUS will tape his NCAA picks today to be aired on ESPN tomorrow

What a delight: By close of business tomorrow, America will know whether its president has Ohio State going all the way, but will have absolutely no clue where his administration stands on the battle over funding the federal government in 2011.  It's the fierce urgency of now, friends; the (non-play in) tourney tips off on Thursday.

UPDATE:  In response to several comments and emails (, I want to stipulate actually don't have any problem with the president kicking back by filling out NCAA tournament brackets.  The televised ESPN special may be a bit over the top, but on balance, it's fine.  I'm a huge college hoops fan, and March Madness is an annual ritual that brings Americans of disparate backgrounds and ideologies together to watch a great athletic exposition.  I do have a problem with the White House insisting that it doesn't have time to dirty its hands with "skirmishes" over the federal budget because the president is preoccupied with "leading the country."  If that's the case, they might consider dispensing with the nationally-televised sports spectacle.