The Chicago Way: (Non-Veteran) Alexi Giannoulias Fishing for Veterans to Attack (Veteran) Mark Kirk

Posted: Oct 20, 2010 7:49 AM
The Weekly Standard has the nasty details of Illinois Democrats' latest smear effort:

Democrat Alexi Giannoulias is planning to launch a final ad campaign featuring a “veteran” to attack Mark Kirk’s service record.

On Friday, a known anti-Kirk political activist with ties to the Giannoulias campaign posted a message on his Facebook account searching for “an Iraq War veteran who wants to be in a TV commercial slamming Mark Kirk.”

Asked whether the veteran would be compensated for the appearance, Carl Nyberg responds: “…if the veteran is traveling from outside the Chicago area, I'm sure the producers would be willing to cover travel expenses.”

Giannoulias in recent weeks has increased his attacks on Kirk, who admitted earlier this year to being careless when describing aspects of his 21-year Navy Reserve service.  Giannoulias’s latest ad says that “Kirk lied about going to war in Iraq.”  Not true.  Kirk’s service during Operation Northern Watch (patrolling Iraqi airspace) is a matter of documented fact.

As Giannoulias will probably find, it’s hard to find veterans to trash another veteran. Kirk’s 2008 opponent, Dan Seals, had to find a 9/11 truther from Peoria to do it.

Neither Carl Nyberg nor the Giannoulias campaign responded to a request for comment.

Unlike Kirk, Giannoulias hasn't volunteered to serve in our military.*  That's not intended as a slight; it's simply a relevant fact, considering that Giannoulias' campaign is apparently trolling Facebook for Left-leaning vets who might be willing to do the dirty work the Democratic candidate himself lacks the standing to do. 

Speaking of relevant facts, Alexi still has some explaining to do about how he managed to avoid mandatory service in Greece's military when he lived there for a year with duel citizenship.

*In this context, would it be a cheap shot to speculate that Giannoulias may have been so preoccupied with doling out multimillion dollar loans to known mobsters that he couldn't find the time to consider military service?  Yeah, probably.