Hoffman Drops Out of NY-23 Race

Posted: Oct 05, 2010 10:56 AM
Good news for New York Republicans, and a fresh headache for Democrat Bill Owens:

Doug Hoffman statement on abandoning Congressional bid: “I entered the 23rd Congressional District race for the good of our nation and to represent the common sense beliefs and values of the voters of upstate New York. Our nation is at a crossroads and it is imperative that on Election Day we wrest control of Congress from Nancy Pelosi and the Democrat majority.  It was never my intention to split the Republican vote in the 23rd District. So today, I withdraw as a candidate from this race. Under New York State Election Law my name cannot be removed from the Conservative Party line on the ballot. However, I strongly urge and request that my supporters not vote for me and certainly not vote for the Democrat or Working Families Party candidate.

Matt Doheny and I may have differed on some issues during the course of our primary race. Now, we must put those differences aside and do what is best for our nation. So today, I am asking all my supporters to cast their vote for Matt Doheny on Election Day, November 2nd.

Good for Hoffman.  A split center-right vote would have made Bill Owens' re-election effort far easier.  It probably would have been helpful if Hoffman had exited stage right immediately after losing the GOP primary to Doheny, but better late than never.