The Headline Says It All

Posted: Sep 08, 2010 9:38 AM
Some Dems Campaign Against ObamaCare While Others Stay Mum

Hapless Democrats are faced with three options this fall: Run against the president's wildly unpopular signature "accomplishment," ludicrously promise to improve it (weren't we told it was perfect?) or just keep quiet about it altogether (What health care law? Hey, look over there--a new jobs bill!).

This new reality marks a dramatic departure from the White House's defiant rhetoric of just a few months ago:

Expressing an increasing confidence that a massive health care overhaul will pass Congress -- despite dire warnings from Republicans about its impact on Democrats in November -- White House officials on Sunday dared the GOP to bring it on during this fall's 2010 midterm election.

"We're happy to have the 2010 elections be about the achievement of health care reform. That's a debate I think we're obviously comfortable having," White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs said on "Fox News Sunday."

"Make my day," added senior White House adviser David Axelrod.

One wonders if Mr. Axelrod anticipated just how many Democrats would soon be lining up to make his day.