Miss CA: 'I'm Going To Do Whatever It Takes To Protect Marriage.' Lauer: Some Compare You To Palin

Posted: Apr 30, 2009 11:29 AM
We knew the attacks were going to get more vigorous. We also knew that Carrie Prejean was going to get "Palinized," but I wasn't expecting the media to use Palin's name to describe Miss CA. Also, when the Today show begins calling you the "conservative sensation," you know the rotten tomatoes are on their way.

The "gay community" are out trying to delegitimize Jesus' affiliation with traditional marriage advocates. On Tuesday, homosexual advocates stood outside a Boston church yelling through a bullhorn and disrupting a church event. Their numbers are small when you compare them to their opposition, but they are a lot louder. Here is one of the flyers they handed out:


Indeed, the examples go on and on.... Here is Dennis Miller asserting Miss CA fielded tougher questions than Barack Obama.