Dennis Prager On Why The Gay Marriage Battle Is Bigger Than The Economy. PLUS: Rick Warren's Predicament

Posted: Apr 13, 2009 1:59 PM
Dennis Prager is not giving us a Rick Warren dance. To state that same-sex marriage is wrong is one thing--to say it is the greatest issue facing America today is another. Taking this stand is the quickest way to be removed from the "A-list." Dennis is obviously 86'd. Pastor Warren is walking a fine line between the same-sex marriage defenders and his flock with the patented I have "gay friends" get out of jail card.

The question that nobody has asked Warren is whether he believes homosexuality is a sin. Christians are called to love sinners with all their heart--not to embrace or condone their lifestyle. The fact that Warren has to say he has gay friends is akin to the "I have black friends" mantra uttered by those who fear being called "racist." 

On the other hand, Warren is far from the Osteen or Jim Wallis camp. What I mean is, if you sat next to him on a plane you would hear the gospel.

In conclusion, Dennis highlights the moral gulfs between the same-sex marriage issue when he says, "It's almost as if one were to declare that rain is wet." Both sides feel this strongly about their cases. One thing is for sure, neither side is going to be happy with the results.

UPDATE: In line with this culture war talk (and Dr. Dobson's statement), Politico has a story on how Obama's election has intensified "anti-abortion recruitment." 

Combine that with what U.S. News & World Report's Bonnie Erbe has to say in her latest column titled: "In a Recession, Abortions Are Not a Bad Choice."

Is this the Progressive Movement's new logic for abortion? If so, where does this "choice" fit in their boiling pot of "compassion" and "tolerance?"