Comedians Lack Material w/o Bush To Goof

Posted: Apr 07, 2009 4:05 PM

You can always tell when a talented comedian is speaking: There are no jokes about race; every other word is not a curse word, and there are no Bush jokes. But only one of these three comedic tactics is guaranteed laughter and applause every time: Bush jokes. So let me call this post-Bush time period the "Darwin Awards For Non-Talented Comedic Hacks." Congratulations, now get a real job where you can bother your co-workers with your angry, verbal graffiti, sarcastic-filled view of the world. And finally, I wait for the day when people looking for a laugh will nominate the consistent curser and the "I can only tell race jokes guy/girl" for a comedic "Darwin Award." When that happens, you will see me in front of Hollywood's Comedy Store and Laugh Factory again.