SNL: 'Stem Cells Are Not People.'

Posted: Mar 15, 2009 1:38 PM
After SNL's trouncing of Palin in 2008, I can no longer brush off these clips. First, I assume that the majority of Americans yawn and get glassy-eyed whenever "stem cells" are mentioned.

Try explaining the distinction between adult and embryonic stem cells and they have already turned the channel. Solution: Allow the comedy team at SNL to pull any mentioning of government's new assignment under the Obama administration to fund embryonic stem cells and you have an attention-retaining platform that skews the truth. Winner: SNL and those who support the government funding destruction of embryonic stem cells. Loser: Everyone who supports honest debate.

The bottom line is that this is already a done deal. All SNL is doing here is letting those who support Obama's new policy marinate in a temporary dose of cognitive dissonance.