Obama Flunks Fiscal Discipline 101

Posted: Feb 25, 2009 12:42 PM
In his latest video response, House Minority Leader John Boehner calls the 9,000 earmarks included in the new $410 billion spending package "absolutely crazy."

He mentions that House Republicans have requested a federal spending freeze, though it doesn't seem likely. Rep. Mike Pence yesterday suggested Democrats start acting like American families are being asked to act -- disciplined, thrifty and wise with their money.

"Democrats need to start putting our money where their mouth is," said Pence. "If they continue to use their expanded majorities...on a liberal agenda, House Republicans will fight them every step of the way."

Meanwhile, Sen. Tom Coburn has been Twittering details of the new spending bill and sea creatures are among the many benefactors. Coburn messages that the bill includes $7.1 million for conservation of Hawaiian sea turtle populations, $250,000 for Bluefin Tuna Tagging, $10 million for blue crab disaster assistance and $150,000 for lobster research -- just to name a few. Fox News reported provisions for a tattoo removal program earlier today as well.

Sen. Mitch McConnell noted Sunday on CNN that
“We’ve spent, in this new administration, 32 days, $36 billion a day. If you add all that up, that’s as much as the previous administration spent over seven years on both the war on terror and the recovery from Katrina.”

When you lay it out to the American people, they get it: