'War for the White House' Podcast: After A Joyless DNC, Does Biden Stand a Chance?

Posted: Aug 21, 2020 8:55 PM
'War for the White House' Podcast: After A Joyless DNC, Does Biden Stand a Chance?

Source: Townhall Media

The "War for The White House" is a twice a week podcast featuring your favorite voices from Townhall.com, RedState.com, PJMedia.com, Twitchy.com, HotAir.com, and BearingArms.com as we enter the final countdown to Election Day in November. 

In episode three, Senior Columnist of PJ Media Stephen Kruiser was joined by Managing Editor of RedState Jennifer Van Laar and Townhall.com Staff Writer Ellie Bufkin to discuss the Democrats' meager attempt to make their nominee exciting, as well as the real issues plaguing the nation.  While everyone agreed that Biden exceeded expectations in his 25-minute speech (even Mondale turned in 32 minutes), he failed to tap into some of the most serious challenges facing American safety and security.  As polls close in and enthusiasm for Trump ramps up, the gang discusses what Biden would have to do to turn things around.

Do Republican candidates in deep blue urban districts like Baltimore finally have a chance as the cities crumble under the pressure of rioters and looters, and incompetent Democratic leadership?

Further, the crushing effects of California's wretched job law, AB5, finally get the nation's attention as Uber and Lyft came within a hair of leaving the Golden State. Listen now to found out more about the dread PRO Act, a measure Biden and his VP pick Kamala Harris support, that would bring AB5 to the front door of every American. 

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