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AP Photo/Evan Vucci

The mother of a 4-year-old boy killed last month in Kansas City, Missouri, made an emotional plea for an end to the senseless violence currently plaguing American cities and streets.

Charron Powell, mother of LeGend Taliferro, stood alongside President Trump during the White House announcement that Operation Legend, a Department of Justice initiative to curb out-of-control deadly violence, would expand into several new cities. LeGend was killed last month by stray gunfire while sleeping in his bed.

Operation Legend, named in honor of Powell's young son, was launched earlier this month in Kansas City as a response to surging violence and a staggering number of murdered children, seemingly caught in the crosshairs. As part of the initiative, the DOJ vowed to bolster city law enforcement with FBI agents, U.S. Marshals, and members of the DEA and ATF.

"Operation Legend is not to harass, it's not to harm, or to hurt," Powell said. "It is to help investigate unsolved murders, in which one of those happened to be our innocent 4-year-old son." Law enforcement in Kansas City is currently seeking information from the public on a car seen near the deadly shooting of LeGend, but has yet to release the name of any suspect.

Powell emotionally stated the importance of Operation Legend in her city, despite pushback from leftist activists who feel the federal government is overstepping its bounds by getting involved.

"This operation is personal to us," Powell said. "We want justice for our son and others. We have to take a stand in our communities and speak up to help this operation be successful." After LeGend's death, a local group called Mothers in Charge also implored the public for assistance in tracking down LeGend's killer. Kansas City Crime Stoppers, which takes anonymous tips on unsolved crimes, is currently offering a $25,000 reward for more information about the child's murder.

"My one and only child who fought through open-heart surgery at four months is gone, due to senseless gun violence," Powell said. "Children are supposed to be our future and our four-year-old son didn't make it to kindergarten. I stand here today as a mother fighting against violence for my son, LeGend Taliferro." 

Despite the devastating spike in violent crimes across the country, Black Lives Matter activists only care about violence when it matches their desired political narrative: violence committed by law enforcement. With no outcry from the most vocal activists in the nation, the United States has seen an unfathomable number of child murders this year. President Trump has vowed to act with federal enforcement in cities where elected leadership has failed to keep violence and death under control.

But Powell, who has lost her only child, supports the president's vow to stomp out violence in America, no matter who it is committing the crimes. 

"My family and I support Operation Legend and we strongly want our community and everyone else behind us," Powell said, thanking the leaders of Operation Legend. 

In summary, Powell shared her treasured memories of her son, asking that his legacy be carried on.

"One thing about LeGend," Powell said, fighting back tears. "He was exciting. He loved basketball. He was a ball of joy. I want his legacy to live on and I want us to continue to fight against violence and also get justice for my son and others."

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