Romney, Paul, Santorum Address Crowds Following Primary Results

Posted: Jan 21, 2012 8:04 PM

Mitt Romney, in his speech after the South Carolina primary, spent time focusing on Barack Obama and the alternate choices that the GOP can offer America: it's a party that believes in prosperity, and celebrating success, rather than big government.

He also said he'd win the battle if Obama wanted to compare his record of job losses and crony capitalism with Romney's record of job creation and free market success.

Romney also assured he's in it for the long haul.

"I will compete in every single state," Romney declared.

Fox News' Bret Baier, in his report, also highlighted the Romney statement that those who pick up the weapons of the Left today will find it turned against them tomorrow (a hit at Gingrich, perhaps?).

Romney also said he would embrace competition, and that it's making his campaign stronger.

Meanwhile, Rep. Ron Paul, who is projected to finish fourth tonight in South Carolina, reminded the audience during his speech after the polls closed that there's less than 2% of delegates chosen and it's only the beginning of a long, hard race.

He was also encouraged by the increase of votes he estimates he has received over the last 2008 election cycle, saying they had "4, 5 times more votes than we did 4 years ago."

Paul emphasized that the U.S. economic crises cannot be passed off to the next generation.

"We are the next generation," he said.

Former Sen. Rick Santorum, who finished third, opened with a remark about a different winner for each primary so far.

"What a great country," Santorum said. He also asked for a round of applause for Newt Gingrich for remaining in the race and continuing to fight despite the ups and downs on the primary trail.

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Santorum was flanked by his wife and six of his seven children (some of whom were sporting his infamous sweater vests). He emphasized that his decision to run was a family decision, and thanked them for their support. 

Santorum said his campaign would deliver a slightly different message than his competitors: a Republican party, a conservative movement, that makes sure everyone has an opportunity to rise.

"They don't want someone, or some government that's going to care for them," Santorum said of hard-working Americans. "They want someone who's going to believe in them."

He, too, emphasized his campaign would continue on to Florida and beyond.