Will Liberal Political Correctness Define This Group of Americans?

Posted: Sep 02, 2011 8:00 AM

Are labels such as 'Hispanic' and 'Latino' hurting Americans with Spanish surnames?


From Townhall Magazine's EXCLUSIVE September feature "Divisive":

"Americans with Spanish surnames have extraordinary opportunities today. But they could be harmed by a growing definitional problem, which is never a good thing for any brand.

"The country is not even sure what to call this expanding group --"Hispanic" or "Latino"-- and there's a chance that liberal political correctness is going to define the identity of a population that just about everyone says is the next big political thing.


"There's evidence that the bureaucratic creation of the term "Hispanic" has, from the start, been linked to a desire to make Hispanics recipients of government programs and was seen as a natural consequence of the 1965 Civil Rights Act. This is made clear in light of an article [Grace] Flores-Hughes wrote for the 2005-2006 Harvard Journal of Hispanic Policy."

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"The way forward is very simple. First, lose the labels." ~ from Mike Gonzalez in Divisive.

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