TSA May Actually Adopt Effective Israeli Practices

Elisabeth Meinecke
Posted: Jul 30, 2011 9:00 AM

There was a point not too long ago when Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano brushed off the idea of implementing Israel airport security procedures in the United States, saying the effective Israeli measures weren't compatible with the size and scope of travel in the U.S.

But, after repeated examples of TSA incompetence, it sounds like the department may be changing its perception.

Politico reported that the TSA is preparing new "behavior detection techniques" -- potentially as early as August -- at airports.

"[TSA administrator John] Pistole said TSA is preparing to move to an approach that employs more conversation with travelers—a method that has been employed with great success in Israel. ...

"'There's a lot—under that Israeli model—a lot that is done that is obviously very effective,' he said."