If You Argue Pro-Choice, This Story Will Make You Stop and Think

Posted: Apr 21, 2011 5:04 PM
My coworker Katie Pavlich pointed out this story on Fox News: A baby who may be the "youngest surviving premature baby in the world," born at 21 weeks, was just allowed to go home Thursday:

"She was not initially expected to survive, as experts generally believe that babies born before the 22nd week of pregnancy will not live. Pregnancies usually last 40 weeks."

According to scientific standards, this child should should still be in the womb, yet, as Katie observed in our discussion, she's clearly a person, and being inside or outside the womb shouldn't make a difference in that fact. Yet our current law does and declares these lives free to be taken at the mother's convenience. No other part of our law says an innocent person should lose his or her life simply because it inconveniences someone else. So much for a person's right to life.