9/11 Terrorists Have Won: Freedom Removed from Name

Posted: Mar 29, 2009 10:51 AM

It's a story that isn't receiving much media attention, but one that should: Freedom has been removed as the name of the tower to replace the World Trade Center in New York by the Port Authority because "the fact is more than three billion dollars of public money is invested in that building and, as a public agency, we have the responsibility to make sure it is completed and that we utilize the best strategy to make certain it is fully occupied," said the agency.

EXCUSE ME? Dropping the name "FREEDOM" gives you a better chance of getting the building occupied? How about telling the American People which companies DO NOT want to be associated with FREEDOM?

Port Authority Chairman Anthony Coscia made the announcement this past Thursday, saying: "As we market the building we will ensure that the building is presented in the best possible way.... One World Trade Center is its address, it's the one that we are using."

Former New York Governor George Pataki, first to coin the name "Freedom Tower," reacted defiantly.

"The Freedom Tower isn't going to be One World Trade Center, it's going to be the Freedom Tower," he said in comments broadcast on NY1 television.

"I think One and Two World Trade Center are sacred names which should never be used again," said Pataki.

Here's an idea, how about all those companies getting federal taxpayers money become occupants of a Freedom Tower since their freedom comes from our tax money?

"Freedom is out of fashion at Ground Zero," said the New York Post. It joined the The Daily News in publishing critical editorials while the liberal New York Times embraced it.

The 9/11 Terrorists have indeed won when we let things like this happen.