Video: Morning Joe Crew Has a Bit of Fun at Mark Pryor's Expense

Posted: Oct 07, 2014 11:30 AM

The clip you’re about to see is somewhat bizarre because Sen. Mark Pryor (R-AR) is not a political neophyte nor a first-time candidate. He’s a two-term US Senator from Arkansas who was bred for politics and even met Bill Clinton before he was a teenager.

So when MSNBC’s Kasie Hunt asked him a basic question about the Ebola virus -- namely, has the Obama administration done a commendable job staying on top of the crisis? -- the Morning Joe panel couldn't contain their laughter when this seasoned political veteran failed to produce a coherent response. (Skip ahead to the 6:55 mark)

These are the kinds of mistakes one should probably limit four weeks before Election Day.

Then again, I doubt this “gaffe” will hurt him very much. Pryor didn’t say anything idiotic or career-ending a la Todd Akin; he just didn’t say anything … intelligent. I suspect most voters will forget this even happened in a few days, especially since Bill Clinton will presumably be snapping selfie after selfie with him -- and making him look good -- all day today and until the polls close.