NBC News/WSJ Poll: Obama's Job Approval Rating Still Underwater, 43/54

Posted: Dec 11, 2013 8:15 AM

Most significantly, more Americans disapprove of the way he’s running the country than ever before. Tough times for this White House:

 photo wsjPOLL1_zpse2a2010e.png

A closer look at the numbers is even less encouraging for the president:

Just 28 percent give the president high grades for being able to achieve his goals (down 16 points from January); only 37 percent give him high marks for being honest and straightforward (down 5 points from June); and 44 percent give him high marks for being able to handle a crisis (down another 5 points since June).

Perhaps this is why his approval ratings are sliding to historic lows?

 photo wsjpoll2_zps32840efd.png

More than half of respondents said Obamacare is the issue on which they’re judging the Commander-in-Chief. That can’t be good. For weeks there’s been disastrous news on multiple fronts about Americans losing their doctors and insurance, leading to inner strife within the ranks of the Democratic Party and (possible) civil war. Meanwhile, the law’s architects cannot defend the federal overhaul they designed. According to the survey, too, only 34 percent concede Obamacare is “a good idea” while 50 percent (the highest ever measured) say it’s “a bad idea.” Respondents are also more troubled by the law’s less-than-encouraging rollout than Republicans' perceived efforts to unravel it. Naturally, Obamacare is a political loser for Democrats, and that's already beginning to show:

 photo wsj3_zps851db430.png

More Americans prefer both chambers of Congress in the hands of Republicans than Democrats for the first time since 2011. This confirms Quinnipiac’s findings, which Guy will write up later today.

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