Obama Attack Ad: Romney Doesn't Want to Hire More Teachers!

Posted: Oct 21, 2012 2:00 PM

Can you guess which special interest group Team Obama is pandering to now? It’s really quite obvious:

The spot implies that the best way to improve the nation’s broken public education system is to hire more teachers. But the student-teacher ratio in the United States is much lower than a number of industrialized OECD countries, even though those nations boast markedly higher world education rankings. This suggests that simply recruiting more teachers is probably not the answer we’re looking for. In my view, the key to reforming public education -- as Mitt Romney seems to understand -- is giving students, parents, and teachers more options about where they send their kids to school.

Meanwhile, Romney spokesperson Amanda Henneberg isn’t pleased:

"President Obama's latest misleading ad puts him directly at odds with his own education secretary, who has promoted teacher quality -- not class size -- as the most important factor in a good education.

President Obama and his campaign have put hypocritical attacks ahead of a real discussion about education policy. As president, Mitt Romney will pursue genuine education reform that puts parents and students ahead of special interests and gives every child a chance to succeed."

Part three of Mitt Romney’s “Five Point Plan” to get America working again is to “[give] every family access to a great school and quality teachers." Let’s hope the former governor actually follows through with this promise if he's elected. Millions of Americans can’t afford to wait another four years.