Piers Morgan On Romney’s Olympic Gaffe: Actually, Everything He Said Was True

Posted: Jul 28, 2012 6:00 PM

Katie already brought this story to your attention but since it's the weekend -- and I think it's important -- I'm also going to write about it. Anyway, I’m sure regular readers are well aware by now that Mitt Romney is making headlines across the pond -- and at home -- for some impromptu remarks he made during a recent interview with NBC’s Brian Williams in which he gratuitously criticized Great Britain’s handling of the 2012 Summer Olympic Games. Here’s the painful clip:

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I think you get the point. But let’s be clear: while his comments were deeply insensitive and -- according to Charles Krauthammer -- “beyond human understanding,” there was nothing factually inaccurate about anything he said. CNN’s Piers Morgan explains:

No one denies Romney’s candid response was a mistake. But is it really worse, say, than asserting the private sector is “doing fine” -- as President Obama did last June -- at a time when millions of Americans couldn't find work, the national unemployment rate exceeded 8 percent for forty straight months, and a record 88 million Americans were about to leave the labor force? I think not. Sure, Romney’s latest faux pas is unlikely to be forgiven or forgotten anytime soon, but at least what he said was more or less true. By contrast, President Obama’s assertion was so mind-bogglingly out of touch with the cares and concerns of people in his own country -- and so telling -- that even Democrats should reconsider supporting him in November.