Kevin McCarthy Explains Pelosi's 'Shadow Voting'

Posted: Jun 30, 2020 11:25 AM
Kevin McCarthy Explains Pelosi's 'Shadow Voting'

Source: AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite

With news that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is extending proxy voting until August 18, supposedly due to coronavirus concerns, Republicans are more convinced than ever that she has ulterior motives. Under the rule, a lawmaker can serve as a proxy for up to 10 colleagues if those colleagues cannot physically get to Washington during the pandemic.

"It's shadow voting," GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy said on Fox News on Tuesday. "What it is is giving all your votes to Nancy Pelosi."

Constituents who voted for their members of Congress now must realize that they no longer have the power because they "turned it over" to the speaker, he added. 

Meanwhile, he charged, Democrats are staying home and "getting paid for not working." Rep. Steve Scalise (R-LA) shared that sentiment.

House Republicans filed a lawsuit challenging the constitutionality of the practice.

Meanwhile, McCarthy observed that Democrats like Charlie Crist (D-FL) haven't shown up to the Capitol, but they've still made time for other pursuits.

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"Charlie Crist said he was unable to come to Congress, but he got in a car and drove for two and a half hours to try to watch a launch of a spaceship," McCarthy said, laughing. "That's what he decided to do instead of represent his people?"