Pelosi Leads Democratic Effort to Use Health Crisis to Change Election Laws

Posted: Apr 08, 2020 4:55 PM
Pelosi Leads Democratic Effort to Use Health Crisis to Change Election Laws

Source: AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite

She's at it again. After nearly torpedoing the CARES Act with a farfetched, radical, extreme environmental wish list, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is once again trying to attach her liberal wish list to Phase 4 of Congress's coronavirus relief response. This time Pelosi is focusing in on her plan to usher in mandatory mail-in voting.

CNN's Anderson Cooper asked Pelosi directly if she would try to change election laws in the wake of the coronavirus. She would. 

The provisions the Democrats are asking for, she said, "guarantees to vote from home for upcoming general election." In Phase 4, or CARES 2, she explained, "yes we want the resources to be there and no obstacles to that voting to take place." 

"It's about our democracy," she argued, "and a time where it's even a physical challenge to vote."

Hans A. von Spakovsky shared the concerns of many conservatives in an urgent piece for The Heritage Foundation. In sum, mail-in voting is often accompanied by some sketchy behavior.

"Voting by mail is the single worst form of election possible," he argued. "It moves the entire election beyond the oversight of election officials and into places where the most vulnerable can be exploited by political operatives."

President Trump urged Republicans to push back.

RNC spokeswoman Liz Harrington caught on to Pelosi's agenda, because it's the same one other prominent Democrats have been pushing for months.

"The new central plan of Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., for voting in response to the coronavirus looks an awful lot like her last voting plan," Harrington observed. "But that was before Democrats could use a health crisis as an excuse to push their political agenda. Her prescription last year for 'strengthening our democracy' is nearly identical to her prescription now for 'protecting our election.'"

"Like Nancy Pelosi’s $4 billion ruse to nationalize ballot harvesting, Warren is using the pandemic to push for election changes Democrats have pushed for years," Harrington added.

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