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Now Media Are Accusing Trump of Lying About Being at the White House

It may be the last day of 2018, but the press is not going without picking one more fight with President Trump. Trump tweeted out his whereabouts Monday as a way to pressure Democrats to come make a deal with him on immigration. Ten days have passed since the government shutdown and neither side is budging on the border wall. Trump wants $5 billion for border security, including the funds to build the wall, but Democrats won't give a penny more than $1.3 billion, none of which they want going toward the physical barrier he demands. The president said he cancelled his trip to Mar-a-Lago to stay in Washington and find a fix.


Reporters at the White House tried to call the president's bluff Monday. As more than one person noted, there was no Marine standing guard outside the Oval Office, therefore Trump must not be inside.

Members of the Trump administration, while appreciative of the press's observation, shook their heads.

Glad we got that cleared up. If the media is on to something and the president is MIA, then that means Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) must have also lied about his lunch with Trump yesterday regarding his plans for Syria. They dined at the White House.


Meanwhile, we know for sure where in the world Nancy Pelosi is, Hawaii. She was spotted over the weekend relaxing in the Aloha State.

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