CNN Reacts to Trump RTing Video of Him Striking Hillary With Golf Ball

Posted: Sep 17, 2017 12:15 PM

President Trump has stoked controversy in the past seven months for giving love to some tweets that break presidential protocol. His retweeting a satirical video that portrayed the president beating up CNN WWE-style dominated headlines for a whole week in July. It actually caused more headaches for CNN, who chose to track down the author of the video and threatened to expose his identity. 

Trump was up to it again Sunday when he retweeted a gif that showed him hitting a golf ball that knocked Hillary Clinton to the ground as she boarded an airplane. Watch below.

CNN's Jake Tapper was confused why the president would give the tweet any attention.

CNN's John King also weighed in on the tweet on his show Sunday morning, making sure to emphasize (three times) that this was the president of the United States who retweeted the video. King's panel could only explain the "crazy tweet" by noting the president is probably not surrounded by his advisers this morning.

"We can't find the words," King said.

Trump's supporters on Twitter defended his "kahunas" and sense of humor.

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