Meltdown: MSM Freaks That Trump Took a Question From Townhall

Posted: Feb 15, 2017 2:15 PM

In case you missed it (we definitely didn't!) President Trump took a question from Townhall Editor Katie Pavlich on Wednesday during his joint press conference with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Her relevant inquiries, focused on the compromises that need to be made on both sides of the Israeli-Palestinian debate, as well as the future of the Iranian nuclear deal, also happened to be an "interesting" one (Trump's own words.)

Yet, that didn't stop mainstream media outlets from whining that she got to ask a question before them.

CNN's Jim Acosta was especially upset. The president's opting to boot his network to the back of the line while giving preference to conservative-leaning news outlets proves that "the fix is in," he said after the presser.

Other media expressed their confusion on Twitter, asking who in the world Townhall was and why did they deserve to ask questions.

This isn't the first time Katie has been criticized simply for doing her job and holding the White House accountable. When Press Secretary Sean Spicer offered her the first question at a press briefing earlier this month, BuzzFeed dismissed her as a "conservative opinion commentator person," failing to research her proper title. 

Guy said it best.

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