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'Support Memories Pizza' Fund Raises $35,000 in Just Four Hours

It's come to the point where we now have to create funding sites to defend our religious freedom. Nevertheless, that is just what radio host Dana Loesch did Wednesday night after Memories Pizza, a small pizza joint in Walkerton, Indiana, announced their support of the Religious Freedom and Restoration Act that has caused so much unnecessary contention. Crystal O'Connor, co-owner of Memories Pizza, spoke to Loesch about the sudden barrage of hate her and her dad had endured over the last 24 hours simply because they had stood by their principles


“We are a Christian establishment,” O’Connor told WBND-TV. “We're not discriminating against anyone, that's just our belief and anyone has the right to believe in anything.”

Those comments stirred some vicious backlash from the 'tolerant' left. One of the most egregious responses had to be a threatening tweet from a softball coach at Walkerton's Concord Community High School. Before her account was deleted, she wrote, “Who’s going to Walkerton, IN to burn down #memoriespizza w me?” Her message prompted other Twitter users to alert the local police department and the coach was swiftly suspended.

Lost in the attacks on the O'Connors, is the fact that the co-owner did not say Memories Pizza would refuse service to gays; she said they would not cater gay weddings. On Thursday morning's "Fox and Friends" on Fox News, Elisabeth Hasselbeck argued this was a clear distinction, considering a wedding caterer becomes almost a participant in the wedding, offering tastings before or after the ceremony and so forth. Yet, because of the severity of the threats the O'Connors were receiving, they were forced to close up shop.

The income Crystal was receiving from pizza sales was paying for her apartment, she told Loesch. Now, she said, she has no income coming in at all. That's when the outraged radio host announced she was starting a 'Support Memories Pizza' page on GoFundMe.com in order to help the business owners get back on their feet. People responded immediately:


Just one hour later, their goal would be achieved - and then some. The total currently stands at over $70,000. 

This outpouring of support doesn't only come from Americans' love for pizza, but for religious liberty. The O'Connors don't deserve to be demonized for their beliefs, they deserve the same rights as any other American who dares to hold opinions that stray from the status quo. Hopefully this money gets them off the hit list and back in the kitchen!

Update: 'Support Memories Pizza' has now surpassed $100,000 in funding support. Keep watching the money pour in for religious liberty.


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