Awesome: Virginians Explain Why They’re Voting for Cuccinelli

Posted: Oct 29, 2013 10:15 AM

I walked into the gubernatorial campaign rally for Ken Cuccinelli in Fairfax, VA on Monday and I found a room full of freedom-loving Virginians. Before their current attorney general took the stage to encourage his supporters eight days out from the gubernatorial election, I asked them one simple question, “Why are you voting for Cuccinelli?” Their answers were varied, revealing – and sincere.

Jobs, Jobs, Jobs

Shelly Mitchell, Centreville

“Jobs. Cuccinelli said he can create 58,000 jobs.”

Mitchell explained her focus was a personal one.

“I lost my job because of the Affordable Care Act – the finances were too tight for the company.”

Health Care

Cuccinelli was the first Attorney General in the country to file a lawsuit against Obamacare. While at the podium in Fairfax, he remarked how he waited only “30-35 minutes to do so after he [the president] signed it.”

“That case was not about health care, it was about liberty. If they order you to buy health care, they will order you to buy anything.”

Sheldon Kaz, Prince William County,

“He articulates conservative values well and expressed eloquently what’s wrong with Obamacare.”

Sex Trafficking

At the University of Virginia in the summer of 1989, Cuccinelli, after learning his friend was the victim of sexual assault, fought for sexual assault prevention on campus. It’s an issue on which he's led ever since.

Charlotte, Fairfax,

“My preacher said something in church last week that shocked me: California is the biggest state for sex trafficking, and Fairfax County is right behind that. That turned me sick to my stomach. Ken Cuccinelli is huge against sex trafficking. Since the beginning of college at University of Virginia, he worked against it.”

Barbara Moskowitz, Fairfax,

“He has a history of trying to curb the overreach of the federal government and a history of combating human sex trafficking – he is not against women in any shape or form.”

The Constitution

Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.), in his stirring speech to rally the crowd for the attorney general, explained his own reasons for voting for his conservative friend.

“I believe in the right to trial by jury – someone who believes in justice. That’s why I’m voting for Ken Cuccinelli. Ken Cuccinelli is a governor who will care.”

Casey Clark, student at George Mason University,

“Because of the Second Amendment, definitely.”

Jesse Brooks, George Mason

“Because he’s so focused on limited government.”

The Other Guy

Some Cuccinelli supporters, in addition to being excited for their own candidate, were also wary of the possibility that his opponent Terry McAuliffe could move into the governor’s mansion.

Steve Logan, Fairfax County,

“[McAuliffe] doesn’t have a plan. I think he’s just trying to be the governor of some state.”

Cuccinelli spokesman Richard Cullen revealed how McAuliffe has previously thought about running for governor of New York and Florida.

Ann Flynn is a Cuccinelli supporter so adamant about correcting McAuliffe’s attacks against the attorney general such as his supposed “War on Women,” that she printed out lists from to share with other supporters, detailing the attorney general’s true stance on the issues.

“Terry twists words and manipulates. Cuccinelli’s a hard worker and he loves Virginia. He’s fighting for America. If he doesn’t win, I don’t know if I want to live in Virginia.”

For He’s a Jolly Good Fellow

Marla, Centreville,

“Because he’s the only one that’s honest!”

Carol, Fairfax,

“Because he’s pro-life.”

Jenna Logan,

“He’s a good family man.”

Lorraine Boyd, Fairfax,

“He’s for the average American. He’s old-fashioned but still going into the future.”

With friends like these, it’s no wonder that, at one point while on stage, Cuccinelli declared, “Let’s have the election now in this room!”

The attorney general won't have to wait long. These honest Virginians will go to the polls November 5.

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