Wow: Planned Parenthood Urges Student to Take Abortion Pill at College Wellness Fair

Posted: Oct 25, 2013 10:15 AM

Each fall, eager freshmen and somewhat indifferent upperclassmen stop by their college wellness fairs to pick up some free literature or goodie bags from the local organizations around campus. A typical wellness event may feature free flu shots, blood pressure testing and brochures on healthy eating. One booth in particular, however, has stirred a bit of controversy -- Planned Parenthood, the country’s largest abortion provider.

Planned Parenthood’s presence at college wellness fairs is no anomaly. Just this past fall, the taxpayer funded organization had booths at Millersville University, American University and Simpson College in Indianola, Iowa, the last of which did not go unnoticed by the pro-lifers on campus.

Kendra Burger is the Founder and President of Simpson College Students for Life. Here's what she told Townhall after finding out Planned Parenthood was stationed at her school’s wellness event.

“We were upset Planned Parenthood, the nation's top abortion provider, was at Simpson College's Wellness Fair because based on statistics and testimonies from post-abortive women, we know abortion does not promote wellness. [...] Furthermore, no other similar organizations were present at Simpson's Wellness Fair to provide more alternatives for students to choose from. InnerVisions HealthCare of Des Moines, IA, for example, is an Unplanned Pregnancy and STD Medical Clinic that provides free services to men and women, but they were not invited to the Wellness Fair. Simpson College not inviting another organization shows the bias agenda of Simpson College Health Services and the Student Activities Department."

Even more disturbing, Burger said, was when one of her fellow members overheard a Planned Parenthood representative encouraging a young woman to obtain the abortion pill RU-486.

“One of our members approached Planned Parenthood's table to take a few of the materials they were distributing. While at the table, our member overheard a female Simpson student ask Planned Parenthood how she could obtain the "abortion pill," also commonly referred to as RU-486 or Mifeprex regimen. This is one of the two sets of pills taken to complete a Webcam Abortion. Planned Parenthood's response was "You can come to our clinic and we can give it to you." There was no discussion of fetal development, other options, the student's situation, etcetera. An organization that promotes a woman ultimately going home alone to complete a Webcam Abortion is degrading and not healthy. Simpson College students and all students deserve better."

The webcam abortion Burger was referring to is a process in which an abortion practitioner only visits with the woman using the abortion pill via a videoconference. Taking the RU-486 is the first step in the process. The pill stops the hormone progesterone, causing the developing baby to starve as the nutrient lining disintegrates.This method, which circumvents the in-person visit the FDA suggests, is also rife with a string of complications. The Iowa Right to Life outlines some of those dangerous effects here, which include bacterial infections, severe hemorrhaging and even death. Ohio Right to Life obtained reports of 42 botched chemical abortions in their state alone.

Some “wellness,” huh? Planned Parenthood doesn’t deserve a booth at these college fairs. If you do see their sign ladies, the best thing you can do for your health is walk on by.