Word Play: MSNBC Host Calls Abortion Clinics “Choice Providers”

Posted: Jul 31, 2013 2:30 PM

What clever word “choice” these pro-abortion advocates use to avoid the term "abortion." MSNBC host Thomas Roberts, in a recent segment regarding North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory’s decision to sign pro-life legislation into law, lambasted the bill as restricting women’s access to “choice providers,” AKA abortion clinics.

Roberts introduced his guest Ilyse Hogue, the president of NARAL, with these comments on McCrory’s legislation:

So there is only one that currently meets that benchmark which means that this is going to be the only clinic in the state for women in North Carolina for seeking out choice. But in a statement about the bill and the signings itself Governor McCrory says the law does not further limit access and those would contend it does are more interested in politics than the health and safety of our citizens. How do you respond to that with such a dramatic closure of access to choice providers for women?

Roberts gets his facts wrong, as LifeNews explains, but his language is what’s most infuriating. “Seeking out choice?” In an almost laughable beat around the bush moment, the host refuses to say the word, “abortion.” Sorry Mr. Roberts, but a baby is not a “choice” -- it’s a life. The only options young women should make are the ones prior to conceiving children. After that, they are responsible for the lives they’ve created, meaning the only “choice” abortion clinics can offer young mothers, is to end their babies’ lives. But, as is apparent, pro-choicers don’t really like the word “baby” either.

I challenge you to watch Roberts’s ridiculous comments and try not to laugh:

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