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Poll: Majority Of Americans Oppose Obama's Executive Amnesty

A solid 55 percent of registered voters oppose President Obama's most recent executive actions on immigration a new Quinnipiac University National poll released Wednesday found.


Asked, "Do you support or oppose the executive order issued by President Obama in 2014 allowing some undocumented immigrants to stay in the United States," 55 percent said they opposed Obama's policy and just 40 percent said they supported it.

Interestingly though, while a majority of Americans oppose Obama's amnesty, fewer Americans believe the program exceeds Obama's authority as president. Asked, "Regardless what you think of this immigration policy, do you think Barack Obama acted within his authority as president when he issued this executive order, or do you think his actions went beyond his authority as president," just 51 percent said Obama exceed his authority while 41 percent said his actions were legal.

Obama received poor marks from voters on a variety of issues beyond immigration, including a 35 - 55 percent negative rating on foreign policy, 39 - 54 on terrorism, and 35 - 55 on the Islamic State. Also, more Americans, 31 percent, say Obama's policies have hurt their personal financial situation, than say Obama has helped them, just 20 percent. Almost half, 48 percent, say Obama's policies has had no effect on their economic condition.


The only entity with poorer marks than Obama is the Republican Congress, who Americans disapprove of by a 22 - 69 percent margin. However, when asked to choose, "Who do you trust more to make decisions that are good for the country, President Obama or the Republicans in Congress," more Americans, 47 percent, chose Republicans in Congress than chose Obama, 42 percent.

The poll was conducted from February 26 to March 2, and had a sample of 1,286 registered voters nationwide.

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