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Anderson Cooper Claims Twitter 'Hacked' With Anti-Trump Tweet

Earlier today, Anderson Cooper's Twitter account posted a tweet responding to President Donald Trump calling him a "pathetic loser." 

The tweet was quickly deleted, and CNN, as well as Cooper himself, issued a brief statement saying that he had not sent the tweet and that his phone had been compromised. CNN said that they were "working with Twitter" to figure out what had happened.

This afternoon, the plot thickened. CNN issued another statement saying that there was no way Cooper himself could have sent the tweet, as it was sent from New York while he was in D.C. (For those of you keeping score at home, this is not what entails a "hack.")

People were quick to question this version of events. Let's see: Cooper's assistant just happened to leave his phone unsecured and unlocked, where someone else just happened up on it and, of all things, just happened to have responded to a Trump tweet.


Sounds plausible. 

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