Trump Apparently Has An iPhone With Twitter As The Only App

Posted: May 26, 2017 1:00 PM

Some odd news for your Friday enjoyment: President Trump apparently has an iPhone with Twitter as the only app.

This amusing revelation emerged on Thursday, when Axios reported that there has been a concerted effort by White House staff to keep Trump off of both his phone and away from Twitter.

(Emphasis added)

Top White House officials tell me the key to forcing a more disciplined President Trump (like the one onstage overseas) is limiting his screen time. In Trump's case, it's curtailing his time watching TV and banging out tweets on his iPhone.

Trump himself has been pushing staff to give him more free time. But staff does everything it can to load up his schedule to keep him from getting worked up watching cable coverage, which often precipitates his tweets. It has worked well overseas so far.

One fun thing: POTUS' current device is an iPhone with ONE app: Twitter.

Presidential cell phone use is still a relatively new phenomenon. In 2009, President Barack Obama had to fight for the right to use his BlackBerry. A compromise was reached and he received an amped-up, super secure device with an extremely private email address. In 2016, when Obama got rid of the BlackBerry, he received what he dubbed a "play phone" that could not take pictures, text, or play music. With this info, it makes sense that President Trump would receive a similarly stripped-down device, although it is still quite funny that the only app on the phone is Twitter.