Shariah Law in America: The Islamists' Plan To Destroy Us From Within

Posted: Mar 23, 2011 9:47 AM
There is a creeping menace in America today: Muslim radicals are using liberal courts and activists, as well as U.S. businesses, to implement Islamic law that runs counter to every freedom our Constitution protects.


Liberals love to ridicule Americans who warn of Islamic infiltration in the U.S. as fear-mongers, xenophobes, bigots, racists or whatever usual epithet pops into their left-wing minds. Whether we are talking about the efforts of the Muslim Brotherhood to make inroads in the United States or the goal of the Islamists to implement Shariah Law in the West, the noise from the Left is always the same: ridicule and marginalize.

Well, the message from this issue of Townhall Magazine is aimed straight at the minds of those thinking Americans who can and will make a difference and are willing to stand up for our republic: Islamic radicals want to see Shariah Law as the governing law of the United States and the rest of the West. They will not be satisfied until all of us are under their dictatorial thumb.

This is why you'll read the truth about the goals of the radicals in the pages of Townhall Magazine and not in the liberal media -- or even the pages of other conservative publications that bury their heads in the sand.

And you'll, of course, never hear the truth about it from the Obama administration. In fact, the Obama White House stands with those who criticize Americans worried about Shariah Law. In 2009, Dalia Mogahed, an Obama administration advisor on Muslim affairs, told a British television audience that the West misunderstands Shariah, calling its perceptions of Islamic tenants "oversimplified."

Our April cover story, "The Shariah Threat," exposes the efforts of Islamists to impose Shariah Law, including their use of U.S. courts, politicians, media and businesses.

Why is Islam sacred in the U.S. while other religions are frequently lampooned in cartoons and ridiculed in "art"? Are we, indeed, as some experts believe, already embracing de facto Shariah Law?

Janet Levy, a prolific writer on Islam and national security, says: "Our uniquely American virtues of tolerance and freedom have worked against us to produce intolerance and oppression. This has led to the stealthy introduction of Shariah Law and a climate in which criticisms of Mohammed and Islam are no longer possible without serious repercussions."

Are political correctness and moves to cool the osmosis of the American melting pot fundamentally changing us? Is the arena of ideas -- where Americans have historically tested competing beliefs -- being shut down so as not to offend?

So what does this all mean for Shariah in America? Find out more in the April issue exclusive report on the looming threat of Shariah Law.

More from our April 2011 exclusive cover story:
*A U.S. judge refused a protection order for a woman raped by her husband, ruling the man's abuse is allowed under Shariah Law

*An American cartoonist is in hiding after a tongue-in-cheek "Everybody Draw Mohammad Day" promotion earned her a fatwa death order

*A Shariah-compliant investment fund in the United States is camouflaged as a charity and funnels more than $12 million to finance Hamas suicide bombers

*Can or should Shariah Law co-exist with the Judeo-Christian foundations of U.S. jurisprudence and the Constitution?

*How the infamous Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) is blocking efforts to keep Shariah Law out of U.S. courtrooms

*Islam still has not banned "honor killings," genital mutilation, pre-teen marriages, polygamy and a host of other rules that undercut the standing of women

*Britain has gone so far as to implement two systems of justice for family law

*Deaths, abuse and threats involving Muslim women in the U.S. and Canada have put a Western face on Shariah Law

*Meet the New Jersey judge who ruled that Shariah permitted a man to rape his wife

*The deaths of at least 10 women in the U.S. and Canada in the last seven years have been linked to Islamic "honor killings"

*Members of the liberal media mock those worried about Shariah in America -- one even said: "A Martian takeover of New Jersey is more likely than the imposition of a caliphate, or of Muslim law, on America."

*A California elementary school has revised its instructional scheduled and added a 15-minute "recess" after lunch to allow Muslim students to pray in a separate room and pork was removed from school-lunch menus

*A Massachusetts public middle school decided to take a "cultural diversity" field trip to a local mosque, where the boys participated in Islamic prayer while girls were excluded.

*Michigan Christians were arrested when they attempted to engage in a faith dialogue with Muslims in Dearborn

*One public university spent $25,000 to install foot-washing stations on campus

*How "Shariah-compliant" businesses are funding terrorism
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