Inside Peek at S.E. Cupp's New Book, 'Losing Our Religion'

Posted: Apr 23, 2010 4:16 PM
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Not only do we have an exclusive profile and interview with conservative firebrand Michelle Malkin, but we also received the rights from Simon & Schuster to run an excerpt from Townhall contributing editor S.E. Cupp's new book, "Losing Our Religion: The Liberal Media's Attack on Christianity."

The feature, titled "Thou Shalt Have Standards -- Double Standards," exposes the left-wing media's attack on Sarah Palin's religious beliefs but praised Barack Obama's.

They ridiculed Palin's Christianity relentlessly -- as though she believed some radical theology.

Of course, they didn't make a peep when it was exposed that Barack Obama attended for 20 years, got married in and had had both daughters baptized in a church that day in and day out preached Marxist black liberation theology.

Palin supposedly spoke in tongues (she says she didn't) -- she must be a crazy Christian.

Obama sat for two decades in a church and under the tutelage of a man who spewed racist and anti-American garbage -- yawn.

Reading S.E.'s book got me to thinking about one of the most glaring and appalling differences in the media's treatment of the two politicians' views on abortion, which just happen to reflect the views of their churches.

Palin refused to have an abortion when she was pregnant with a Downs baby -- obviously she yearns for the day when women were completely subservient to men and always barefoot and pregnant. She hates her own sex.

Obama's church, Trinity United Church of Christ, was one of two churches giving religious backing to Christ Hospital -- the infamous Chicago hospital that practiced infanticide, leaving babies who survived abortions to die alone atop piles of dirty linen in a utility closet. In fact, it was the hospital that sparked the "Infants Born Alive Protection Act" that Obama actively opposed and killed in committee when he was in the Illinois state Senate. The MSM ignored it, and during the 2008 elections, Obama lied about it -- and when his lies were exposed, his team and the liberal media trashed anyone who called him on it.

Anyway, if you want to read S.E.'s examination of the media's double standards on Palin and Obama's Christian beliefs, check out the May issue of Townhall.

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