ObamaCare: "Pimped" to a Nation of Vulgarians

Posted: Dec 19, 2013 12:32 PM

The Obama administration has used taxpayer money to "encourage" us to sign up for ObamaCare -- to the tune of a whopping $684,000,000. Some of the advertising has just been annoying and pathetic -- Pajama Boy springs to mind. But there are other ads that have devolved into vulgarity, not to mention a crude misuse of grammar ("Do you got insurance?").

To the extent that these images reflect the way the Obama administration thinks of Americans, it's not a pretty picture -- as you can see below:

"All [she has] to worry about is getting him between the covers" because she's got her ObamaCare birth control. Behold, the apotheosis of American womanhood -- feminist edition.

Then there's this:

The candy cane is a nice touch, no? Wonder what A&E would say -- but the stereotyping is, of course, offensive. And more:

Note: There's already "easy access to birth control" -- check out the drugstore or Planned Parenthood. It's just that until now, you couldn't force other people to subsidize it. But "she got insurance," so all is well.

In ObamaCare America, we're not just obsessed with sex -- we're obsessed with drinking, too:

I guess because "shotskis keep us happy" we needn't worry about the fact that we can't keep our health plans or our doctors. Now here's the same thing, man-style:

Given the quality and the tenor of these crude "come-on" ads, it is sublimely, entirely appropriate that the ObamaCare National Hotline is reached at "1 (800) F**k you."

Does this really reflect what America has become? Or is it only what the Obama administration thinks we are? And if the President wouldn't want these kinds of crass appeals being made to his children, why is he targeting them at everyone else's?

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