The Limits of Liberal "Tolerance"

Posted: Nov 28, 2012 8:07 PM

Hey, it was A-OK for the National Endowment for the Arts to fund the infamous Andres Serrano "Piss Christ."  Submerging a representation of the Messiah in a jar of excrement and then taking a picture of it is "art," and museums have an obligation to "challenge the public," you see.

But don't dare even think about placing a representation of the Obamessiah in a jar of beer, calling to mind that famous piece of "art" -- because then guys like Michael Moore will get all "wee wee'd up" (in the President's memorable formulation in another context).  Avert your eyes, America, HERE...IT...IS:

It's courtesy of Glenn Beck (and it's actually beer) -- produced, unlike "Piss Christ," without a cent of your tax money.

Michael Moore is horrified!

And I thought the conservatives were supposed to be the prudish philistines!  After all, opponents of the Serrano "art" (and taxpayer funding of it) were condemned and compared to Nazis in the august pages of The New York Times. No doubt the Times will be rushing to defend Mr. Beck's free speech rights, as well.
Frankly, I find both "Piss Christ" and the piece above inelegant and debased.  But obviously, Glenn Beck created itto make the point that many on the left who would insist that "Piss Christ" is "art" will take offense at the disrespectful treatment of their idol.  And Michael Moore helped him make his point pretty well.