A REAL False Equivalence

Posted: Aug 09, 2012 1:28 PM
The left has for some time been decrying the "disease of false equivalence" -- particularly the idea that the pure-as-the-driven-snow liberals could ever behave as heinously as your average knuckle-dragging conservative.

But if you want a real example of media false equivalence, this is exhibit A: Covering the pro-Obama SuperPac's disgraceful, false anti-Romney ad in tandem with the Romney ads attacking President Obama's removal of the work requirement from welfare.  Anderson Cooper did it on his broadcast last night, and he's not alone.

The former in essence accuses Romney personally of permitting a woman to die of cancer -- without a single fact to support it.  The latter criticizes the sitting President on a disputed matter of policy where reasonable opinions may differ. Some say it is accurateothers disagree.  But no one can credibly defend the Obama SuperPac's claims about Romney's tenure at Bain causing Joe Soptic's wife to die of cancer.

The SuperPac reaches a new low for political attack ads, and the President's campaign has been caught lying about their knowledge of it.  The Romney ad is pretty much a standard (if controversial) political attack ad.

There is no equivalence.  And those who try to equate the two ads are, consciously or not, displaying a real pro-Obama bias -- and contributing to a massive degradation of political discourse in presidential campaigns.