Hollywood's Got Bigger Problems Than the President

Posted: Dec 06, 2011 1:29 PM
Cry me a river . . . liberal Hollywood has turned on President Obama.

What always strikes me as juvenile and almost laughable about many actors' approach to politics is the sheen of moral superiority that always seems to accompany their (generally uninformed) policy announcements.

Never has the moral posturing seemed more hollow than in the context of this story, detailing the widespread -- and widely known -- pedophilia in Hollywood, crimes committed by powerful people well known to the other powerful people.

The next time any Hollywood "star" starts characterizing anyone (or anything) related to politics as "evil," it would behoove the listener to ask the "star" if s/he knows about the pedophilia epidemic in his/her backyard and workplace -- and follow up by inquiring about what that person has done to help the innocent children being subjected to it.  

Let's see how willing these preening "consciences" of Hollywood are when it actually costs them something to take a stand.