"Civil" Dialogue on the Left

Posted: Jan 13, 2011 11:11 PM
Writing in the Nation,Nancy Goldstein is apparently skeptical of the claim that death threats against Sarah Palin have spiked in the wake of the horrific murders in Tucson.

Perhaps she will be convinced about the level of "vitriol" among the purveyors of "civility" on the left -- and the threats to Sarah Palin -- when she sees this absolutely appalling montage of tweets referencing Governor Palin (warning: ugly, graphic language).  It is shocking, literally.

I am ashamed for these people -- and for their mothers.  Who taught them that this kind of dialogue was acceptable, EVER, about ANYONE?  Particularly noteworthy are the "gentlemen" who use the "c" word -- no doubt their daughters and moms should be proud.

I have no problem with robust criticism of any politician, conservative or liberal.  But this isn't dialogue, or reasoned in anyway.  This is just visceral, unvarnished hatred.  It is an abuse of the First Amendment (and in some instances, crosses the line to incitement).  It has no place in our society.