Can You Hear Us NOW?!!!

Posted: Nov 02, 2010 1:09 PM
Gallup has released a poll this morning showing that there is a historically unprecedented level of excitement for a midterm election (yes, more than 2006).

This portends good news for conservatives (so long as we get out and vote!), and means that the usual spate of dismissive insults will be headed our way.  Already, Eugene Robinson attributes Obama's electoral woes to race (Victor Davis Hansen dismembers his "argument" here).  Daily Kos echoes the meme here.

You know what?  Let 'em.  What do we care?  There's a magnificent country to restore!  And if that sort of ugliness is the best clue they've got about why the American people are heading in droves to the polls, all the better.  It gives us more time to right the ship while they sit on shore complaining.