ANOTHER Joe the Plumber Opposes Obama

Posted: Oct 17, 2008 11:53 AM
Joe Shanks of Knoxville, owner of Joe's Plumbing Service near Knoxville, TN, also opposes  Barack Obama.

As the newspaper report puts it, "he's less concerned about whether he gets a tax break if his customers still can't afford to hire him."

Joe the (Tennessee) Plumber also worries about Barack's inexperience, likening "the decision to a homeowner in need of a plumber - would you hire the guy who just got his trade license, he asked, or a seasoned professional?"

It's wonderful and heartening to hear from these men -- real men, who aren't afraid to stand on their own two feet, and don't want the government redistributing income so that they can get tax credits they don't feel they've earned.

Could it be possible that Barack and the Democrats have misjudged, mistakenly thinking that most Americans are disgruntled, angry and ready for class warfare, when, in fact, they're happy to see everyone prosper, so long as they can prosper, too?

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