About Much More Than "Touching"

Posted: Sep 16, 2008 9:43 AM
Byron York notes that the claims made by McCain about Barack's support for an Illinois sex-ed law were absolutely correct.

Barack has tried to peddle the meme that McCain is "lying" about his support for the bill -- and that his support for the bill was predicated on a desire to do nothing more than to protect little children from unwanted touching by sexual predators.

As York points out, the facts are different.  There is plenty of other stuff the bill handles -- including removing any normative language in sex education, along with any overt expectation of abstinence (which becomes just one choice among many).  It seems more focused on protecting children from peers than from adult predators.    It also calls for AIDS education, yes, in kindergarten.  The content of the entire bill seems completely consistent with Barack's far left world view.

Interestingly, here is a clip of Barack speaking to Planned Parenthood where he admits that he's fine with providing "age appropriate" sex education, even to kindergartners, and it doesn't sound like he's focused on unwanted touching.

And speaking of Planned Parenthood, perhaps all you really need to know is that Planned Parenthood -- always on the prowl for a new clientele -- supported the bill.

Much of the press, which has gleefully denounced the ad, owes Senator McCain an apology.