A Record That's a Crime?

Posted: May 12, 2008 7:17 PM
Writing in the Wall Street Journal,  David Schoen (Mark Penn's erstwhile partner) offers Barack some advice on how to navigate "values" issues in the upcoming campaign (just a side note: Why, do you wonder, does it take so much coaching for Democrats to be able to communicate about their "values" in a way that will attract normal voters?).

One of the pieces of advice Schoen offers is as follows:

Mr. Obama must also demonstrate concretely that he is sympathetic to the victims of crime. . .. He needs to make clear, in no uncertain terms, that he understands American concerns about law and order, and that he puts public safety at the top of his priorities. To be sure, there is an increasing role for rehabilitation in the criminal justice system. But Mr. Obama must emphasize first and foremost that he is on the side of law-abiding people.

Well.  Given some of Barack's votes on crime issues, that may be a problem.  Investors Business Daily gives a supremely illuminating list of Barack's law-enforcement priorities on both the state and federal levels.  At the federal level, for example, he wants to "rethink" criminal penalties for marijuana, and re-enfranchise felons.  Hm.

Given his crime record, Barack may have better luck with some of Schoen's other advice . . . like wearing that American flag lapel pin.